Why Asking Questions Is the Key to Success

When it comes to business communication, we often focus on ourselves. We put together an elevator pitch, we know how to explain our value, and we share our expertise. But often, asking questions can be just as, if not more, important that all of this. Questions function in many key ways across our business, and they are a key communication tool that professionals should be ready to employ. Here are a few ways in which asking good questions can support your success:

Understand Your Audience

To make your marketing and prospecting efforts most effective, it’s essential to understand your audience. You can start by posing the question to yourself. Based on your experience with clients, what is it that they want? What are their main concerns? What do they need from you as a professional? It’s also wise to let this question fuel some research. Are there specific demographics you tend to work with more than others? How can you learn more about them? Getting online and reading up about your target audience is important. It’s also key to tune into your current and past clients. Ask them about their expectations and concerns, and seek out feedback from past clients.

Show Your Clients That You Care

When you ask questions to your current clients, you instantly personalize the experience. Sure, clients want to hear what you do and how you do it, but they also want to ensure that it’s the right fit for them. They want to trust that you see them as more than just another client. When you ask detailed questions and pay attention to the answers, your clients will feel valued. They’ll also feel reassured in your ability to help them.

Connect with Team Members

Strong communication with team members is essential for streamlined service, and that communication needs to go both ways. It can’t just be you updating your team members and telling them what you need. It also needs to be you checking in. Ask your team members where they’re at or if they need anything from you. It’s also important that you can ask them questions and request help when you need it.

Strive for Improvement

Feedback is powerful fuel for improvement, so, ask your past clients for their thoughts. Rather than just ‘how was your experience?’ though, see if you can pose a few more specific questions as well. Focus these on areas where you think you may need to make some improvements. The feedback that you receive can illuminate the steps you need to take to progress. It’s also important to ask these questions to yourself. Taking time to regularly reflect and ask yourself where you’re excelling and where you need more work helps professionals to thrive. Even more, staying curious and asking questions is how you can grow your knowledge and continue to learn throughout your career.


What do you think about the role of questions in your business? They’re a key element of communication, and we don’t always give them enough focus. For me, they plan a powerful role in almost every aspect of my business.