Tune In: Podcasts to Help You Build Your Team

This week, I thought I’d share a handful of my favorite podcasts. When you’re working to build a strong team, knowledge is everything. Podcasts are an easy and convenient way to stay informed and inspired. From learning what attracts top talent to strengthening your skills as a leader, podcasts can offer a wealth of tips, advice, and insights. Here are a few I’d recommend:

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review’s podcast, IdeaCast, features some of the top minds in management and business. It isn’t solely focused on hiring, but then again, if you’re leading a team, neither are you. There are many episodes that address specifically recruiting-related topics, like episode 610, “Hiring the Best People”, but you’ll also find a wide variety of information that will help you strengthen the team you already have, making attracting new talent even easier.


I like this podcast because it gives an inside glimpse into what talented young professionals are looking for. It isn’t going to give you specific recruiting tips, but instead, it will help you better understand the candidates you want to hire. This information comes in handy everywhere from creating job descriptions and recruiting messages to designing the interview process. You’ll also hear interesting and inspiring stories from successful professionals around the globe. It’s a great podcast to help you stay up to date and current with your candidate pool.

Hiring on All Cylinders

This podcast is specifically focused on recruiting. They feature top thought leaders, and while some of the interviews delve deep into the specifics of recruiting, they also offer great insights for managers who are ready to bring new hires onto their team, whether they’re leading the recruiting efforts or not. Episodes like “Entelo’s Own Kelly Hale on Employee Referrals” and “On Similarities Between Recruiting & Sales” offer an interesting look into how to hire the best people for the job.

The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

Hosts Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner warn that their show “is not for the proper, politically correct, or those with a weak constitution”. If you’re okay with the occasional four-letter word and are looking for a valuable podcast that’s also highly entertaining, these are your guys. The foundation of the podcast is about growing your business based on values. They’ll share practical strategies around communication, relationship building, and success. As I mentioned before, building a strong team requires looking internally at the team you have now in addition to looking externally for new talent. This podcast shares valuable insights to help you do both.

Awesome Office

This might be my top recommendation of the five. A few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of office culture in building a great team. This podcast interviews some of today’s best leaders to bring you key insights into what defines a thriving office culture. Expect discussion around things like employee appreciation and the art of hiring. They recently merged with Brand Builder to deliver an equally great podcast, though you can still access all of their original episodes as well.


If you’re looking to lead a high-performing team, staying informed is key. These podcasts offer practical and honest perspectives on some of the most important topics when it comes to growing that team. You don’t have to start from the beginning — scroll through their most recent episodes and dive into the one that interests you most. Do you have any podcast recommendations? Share your favorites!

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