Tips for A Successful LinkedIn Company Page


Research has proven that consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that have an active online presence. LinkedIn is among the most trusted resources for professionals on the internet. Every company that strives for a professional web presence should create a company page on LinkedIn. A consistently updated LinkedIn page will help increase engagement and conversation between you and your prospects, referral partners and clients. By updating your audience on news, promotions and events, you will have more opportunities to increase lead generation, and ultimately, sales. ( For some ideas to generate leads using LinkedIn, click here.)
Below are a few tips to help make the most of your LinkedIn company page.

1. Compel Your Audience– Provide an extensive description of your company and products or services. Have all of your contact information listed and easy to access, and be sure to include a link to your website. Show your audience what you can do for them and why they should follow you. Use a high-quality logo or other professional image on the page to make it more attractive.

2. Create Valuable Content– Provide your audience with unique and attention-grabbing information. Post relevant articles and professional tips. For a well-rounded page, include ideas and details on events that are taking place within your company and industry. Content marketing is an effective way to gain a strong and loyal customer base.

3. Respond To Your Audience– Company pages have evolved and now allow you to further interact with your followers. Visitors can leave questions and feedback, to which you should respond in a timely manner. Use this new feature to your advantage, as it can be extremely beneficial in developing a relationship with your subscribers. This will help develop trust and build a more professional brand identity.

4. Attract Followers– Set a goal of attracting new followers each week. Engage with your colleagues and other professionals in your network. Add a link to your company page within your e-mail signature, and add a “Follow” button on other social-media sites. This will help gain traction on your page and ultimately gain new subscribers. LinkedIn makes it easy to create a dynamic email signature. (For help on how to create, edit, and save your LinkedIn company e-mail signature click here.)

5. Stay Consistent– Focus on engaging in daily activity, posting current information, and keeping things fresh. Ideally, your readers will look forward to each new communication and come to expect valuable insights that can aid them in their careers.

For more simple tips to make the most of your LinkedIn company page, click here.

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