Maximize Your Mondays

No matter how much you love your job, Monday can be a challenging day of the week. Maybe you had a great weekend and aren’t ready to be back in work mode. Perhaps you know you’ve got a challenging schedule coming up. Maybe you’re just feeling exceptionally tired. Whatever the reason, we all struggle with a case of the Mondays from time to time. Even if Mondays are never a problem for you, there’s often still room to maximize this first day of the week. So, whether you need a strategy to make Mondays more pleasant, or you’re simply looking for ways to be more efficient, here are some key tips that can help you ace your Mondays:

Mood Matters

Our mood can significantly impact our work, especially a negative mood. It can disrupt our ability to focus, it can cause us to work slower, and it can make it more difficult for us to work as part of a team. If you have any negative feelings about heading into the office on Monday, it’s worth taking some time to try to change them. Even if Mondays are a breeze for you, you can still harness the power of a good mood. Starting your Monday with something that makes you happy can have a ripple effect throughout your day. When you walk into the office feeling positive, your energy, confidence, and friendliness set you up for success.

Prepare Ahead

When we make some time during our weekend to prep for Monday, we’re investing in a successful week. It might be getting some meals ready, pulling out your work clothes and packing a gym bag, or maybe reviewing your planner and your goals. Whatever it is, taking the time to mentally prepare for the beginning of the week can make it a lot easier to get started. Monday is also a great day to look out to the rest of the week. If you didn’t get a thorough overview of your schedule in your weekend prep, take some time Monday morning to go over it. When you know what to expect, you prevent unnecessary stress and inefficient work.

Take Control of Your Perspective

Most of us have encountered that coworker who seems to celebrate every Friday and show up to the office on Mondays with the countdown already started. Why wish away your week like this? Why define Monday as something you want to get over with? Consider how you feel about Mondays now. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, maybe you’re indifferent. You have control over that perspective, and when you harness its power, you can supercharge your Mondays. Instead of seeing them as the end of the weekend or step one of a long week, try focusing on their possibility and potential. The more we look at the value of Mondays and focus on the positive, the more efficient we tend to be in our work.


What’s your current feeling about Mondays? Do you hit the ground running, or have Mondays become your least favorite day of the week? When professionals take advantage of the potential of every Monday, they light the spark for a successful week.