Associate Copywriter

Are you looking for ongoing and exciting work?

We are on the hunt for high-quality copywriters skilled at creating persuasive, fun, and high-converting copy for us and our clients.

Content varies dramatically in length, tone, and audience. One day you might be writing headlines to cover images for tweets, the next you might be writing a 1,500 word blog post. The content might be for a high-tech start-up, or an iron monger.

This won’t be a one-off job. Our model is to start people off as contractors, divvy up the work, and see who rises to the top. Those who do get full-time offers, either as employees or contractors (depending on your preference and geographic location).

About You

  • You have 2-3+ years of writing experience, preferably professionally, although we’re willing to take a chance on recent college grads if your samples are wondrous.
  • You appreciate the relationship between textual and visual elements. You know that copy doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and unless your words and the designs are working together, we’re not producing work that works for us.
  • You have tremendous attention to detail — in particular, strong copyediting and proofing skills. We put out hundreds of pieces of content per day; attention to small details in copy won’t just save everyone headaches, it’ll keep you on the good side of our editors (trust us, you want to stay on their good side).
  • You have strong organizational skills and the ability to meet strict deadlines, often while working independently. Our copywriters are able to put their heads down and produce awesome work without constant supervision.
  • Your communication in general, not just writing, is inspired. You need to be able to participate and work effectively both with internal teams and with clients directly. Moreover, our team is completely global, and largely remote — good communication is our lifeblood.

If the above sounds like you, please send us some samples of your best effing writing, as well as your rates: hourly; per word; and fixed for 100, 300, and 1,500 word pieces.


  • At least 2 years of collegiate level writing
  • A portfolio that demonstrably meets our above needs
  • Idiomatic English writing
  • Willingness and ability to travel globally at least 4 times per year