Thanksgiving Thanks

As the morning sun begins to wake up New Orleans, there’s a feeling in the air today like no other day of the year. Because no other day is like Thanksgiving. No matter what the retail world tries to do, Thanksgiving has a staying power bigger than sale prices, bigger than unbelievable deals, bigger than [...]

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The vote that changed everything, maybe.

What did we say? BEFORE THE ELECTION AFTER THE ELECTION HOUSE 234 Republicans 201 Democrats (includes 1 vacant R seat, 2 vacant D seats) HOUSE 244 Republicans 184 Democrats 7 races still pending SENATE 55 Democrats (including 2 Independents who caucus with Ds) 45 Republicans SENATE 53 Republicans (net gain of 8) 46 Democrats Louisiana [...]

How Often Should I Post on Social Networks?

How often should I post on social-networks? The famous loaded question, and the honest answer: it depends. First, it depends on your goals. For example, if your goal is conversion of a specific post to clicks on Facebook, as opposed to total number of engagements on a given day, then the answers will be different. [...]

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Mortgage Regulations 2015: The final chapter (?)

Approved.  Not Approved.  What happens before that stamp is inked and pressed involves a bit more than a stamp and ink. Myriad regulations have already been conceived, debated, negotiated, and implemented. And as the center piece for real estate transactions, Loan Officers are the often the point on which regulations are focused.  Many regulations came [...]

Google+ — Step 2

Google+ provides a combination of search engine capabilities that can help any company connect with like-minded communities, major industry players and aid in tracking audience reception to its business or product. Businesses can also use Google+ to help boost their Google ranking and skyrocket their SEO potential. Marketers and business owners who are looking for [...]

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